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  • Winner of the First Top Chef Mexico and Proud Oaxaqueño

    Rodolfo Castellanos is an extraordinary chef from the state of Oaxaca, who recently participated in the program, Top Chef, held for the first time in Mexico. As the winner of this prestigious competition, no doubt his discretion, humility and cleverness in the kitchen were all factors that gave him the victory in this competition. He […]

  • Ojos Negros – Uruapan’s Nano-Brewery

    With dozens upon dozens of small crafter brewers crowding the Mexican market all hoping for a small piece of the pie how does one stand out? One small brewer, in fact better called a Nano-Brewer is Ojos Negros (Dark Eyes) in Uruapan, Michoacan. Uruapan may be best known as the avocado capital of the world […]

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  • Top Chef Mexico Interview Aquiles Chavez

    1. How does it feel to be the first Judge on Top Chef Mexico? Well first of all, it is a great honor to be part of this great adventure that is Top Chef Mexico, and being chosen to decide who will be Top Chef Mexico. Well, it feels very nice, it feels really cool, […]

  • Top Chef Mexico Interview Martha Ortiz Chapa

    1. How does it feel to be the first judge in Top Chef Mexico? To be the first judge in Top Chef Mexico is a huge responsibility, alongside it is a joyful task, as I witness the new culinary talents of Mexico. Moreover, I am honored, because it is an impeccable production, the direction is […]

  • paulinavega

    Interview: Paulina Vega

    Since being crowned last January, Miss Universe Paulina Vega has overjoyed her country after becoming only the second woman to hold the title from Colombia in over 50 years. Throughout her new job, Paulina’s duties will be to travel the globe as agoodwill ambassador for various causes, specifically HIV/AIDS prevention, education and awareness. Paulina has already begun to break […]

  • Interview: Nia Sanchez

    Interview: Nia Sanchez

    You have lived through some difficult times in your life including a period living in a shelter when you were a child. How do you think that experience shaped your childhood and adult life? My life experiences have madewho I am today. I’ve learned so much and grown to be a strong independent woman that has a positive outlook on […]

  • Interview: Eddi Ruiz

    Interview: Eddi Ruiz

    Thanks James Beard Foundation for including me, I will forever be honored. It is not everyday that a chef like myself gets to work with multiple Michelin-starred chefs like Pierre Gagnaire or Heinz Beck. Even crazier, it’s not everyday that a chef like myself gets to compete against such acclaimed chefs. I was paired with multiple James Beard […]

  • Interview: Rick Bayless

    Interview: Rick Bayless

    What was your motivation to begin cooking? You might say I was born to cook—I grew up in my family’s barbecue restaurant, so cooking, food and restaurants have always been in my blood. I studied linguistics very seriously, but food and cooking had a stronger grip on me, so I gave in. Why did you […]