Top Chef Mexico Interview Martha Ortiz Chapa

1. How does it feel to be the first judge in Top Chef Mexico?

To be the first judge in Top Chef Mexico is a huge responsibility, alongside it is a joyful task, as I witness the new culinary talents of Mexico. Moreover, I am honored, because it is an impeccable production, the direction is sublime and Top Chef Mexico really is a very interesting narrative.

2. What do you think are the challenges of being judge and also what do you liked the most?

Being a judge is being able to look, taste, observe and be impartial. It is also to assess the challenges, goals and talent that all the contestants display. To be a judge it is required to contribute, and, at the same time to qualify, to be a guide and a teacher of all these cooks.


3. Is it difficult to decide who will be eliminated?

It depends on each episode. In all of these there is drama, charm, and yes, it is always difficult.

4. What was the factor that motivated you to accept such an important role here in Top Chef Mexico?

Being the first woman that is a judge and to contribute and enrich together, with my colleagues (who are men), the gastronomy in our country. Also to take into account the culinary value, pictorial and cultural, as well as the sensitivity and beauty that we as women see in every dish.

5. Do you think Top Chef Mexico will help the Mexican cuisine to be known better?

I’m sure it will. I think it is a cinematic vehicle that it is fun and dramatic that ultimately will contribute and teach the great cultural tradition of Mexico, as well as the important moment we live in as the epicenter of a great culinary tradition now.

6. We know you are a great expert, defender and promoter of the traditional Mexican cuisine. How do you achieve doing this?

I like to study, to know where things come from, create narratives and stories, I mean stories that I can taste, and develop precise content and stage this great cuisine.

7. Tell us about your restaurant “Dulce Patria”, what it represents, what concept it has and what is the ambiance?

Dulce Patria” is not only a restaurant, it is a feminine concept, a concept that tells stories with colors and flavors and lets you know the great culture that exists in Mexico.

8. Many young women of this country want to follow in your footsteps, not only as a chef but also as an entrepreneur. What advice can you give them?

As an entrepreneur you must have a very clear idea, the concept, and to know that you need to have the strength and consistency to achieve our goal. In addition, the tears of your efforts, time to time will give flavor to anything you undertake. Women must sow a fertile ground. Help each other, knowing that there is a gap in our productive work with men but “we do not want more, nor less.”

9. What other projects do you have for this year?

I am preparing a book about female empowerment entitled “María Va, Recipes for Women with Greatness“, and soon I will have a surprise that I’m sure you will be very proud of.

10. Any simple and easy recipe to make for our readers?

Something as simple as a Jamaica water (brewed Hibiscus flowers) can become a sensual drink.



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