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  • Westjet 737-800 air to airWestjet 737-800 air to air

    West Jet and Aeromexico

    WestJet and Aeromexico Mexico and Canada have long had a strong bond and friendship but those bonds recently became even stronger with the codeshare agreement between Aeromexico, Mexico’s global airline, and WestJet, Canada’s highest rated airline for customer service. We caught up with Lauren Stewart with WestJet’s Media Relations about why this relationship is so […]

  • Las-mil-y-una-maneras-de-comer-en-CDMX-y-no-morir-en-el-intento

    1001 Ways to Eat in Mexico City and not Die Trying

    1001 Ways to Eat in Mexico City and not Die Trying Hungry? A young man asked me while crossing attentive Madero Street in the heart of Mexico City (CDMX), immediately in my mind I answered “of course man, very”. That day I left home super early and of course, I didn’t have time to eat […]

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