About Us

Food Mexico Big CC

In 2013, the first issue was printed with a dream of helping people live healthy, wealthy, and nutritious lives.

At first, it was a struggle finding content suitable to the diverse regions and cultures in Mexico. But the friends we have made along the way made this magazine a possibility.

Kenneth Isom Barnes
Executive Editor

magazine creating jobs

Since its first printing in 2013, the magazine has opened numerous possibilities that have changed the lives of many.


PrintingWe hire awesome printing companies to print our magazine.


DistributionCopies distributed in more than 50 cities in the 31 states of the Mexican Republic and Mexico D.F., plus an English version for the United States.


ShippingThe magazine has also shifted into different parts of the globe.


TranslationTranslators have had an opportunity to cut their teeth on new projects.


WritingMore and more freelancers and local writers have been given opportunities to contribute their talents and ideas.


EditingEditors from around the world have collaborated to polish every issue.

Food Mexico and Me began as Food Acapulco and now offers a complete advertising strategy. It is printed and marketed not only in Sanborns news and magazines area, but also on Facebook and Twitter.

It currently has copies distributed in more than 50 cities plus an English version in the United States.

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