The Range of Veggies, Cheese and The Health Benefits at a Glance

Pizza Time

Tomato: The delicious vegetable contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and fluids for up-keeping your body and brain in perfect equilibrium. 100 grams of tomato contains a rich stock of:


  1. Vitamin A: 0.2 5-mg improves your vision, restores diminishing cell-growth
  2. Vitamin C: 13-mg content boosts your bone and muscle strength
  3. Vitamin E: 0.5-mg composition makes you slim and trim by removing cholesterol
  4. Vitamin K: Flatly reduces your diabetes levels and risk of heart-attack in the long run


  1. Co: 11-mg of Cobalt are a dependable blood-clot-remover and heart illness reducer
  1. P: 24-mg of Phosphorous can rebuild damaged bone-marrows and help recovering patients.
  2. Mg: 10-mg of enhances the strength of your tissues

Cucumber: We have all seen the cucumber
 and perhaps taste it too. Have you ever wondered about the various health and fitness benefits you can get out of this simple fruit?

  1. Ingredients: Potassium, Sodium,

Antioxidants, Water content and Vitamin K, a-Carotene, Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C and Lutein, Zia-Xanthin.

  1. Benefits: Potassium is highly beneficial for heart and blood pressure patients, the skin of the cucumber contains many dietary fibers that help to reduce the toxic elements from your blood and body.

Where do you use it?: It is mainly used as a garnishing-layer on many food preparations. You can also prepare a healthy combination of cucumber with lemon-concentrate in the exclusive cucumber-smoothie, etc besides, you can use it prepare



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