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In Mexico City (CDMX) have a penchant for going to eat some places called which although not fine dining, nor are local snacks, these places are the inns or soup kitchens where food is served three times that consisting of soup or broth, accompanied by egg or beans and rice stew, flavored water well and according to the price, sometimes there is also dessert. This type of food is known as comida corrida and its price ranges from 25hasta 60 pesos, this obviously depends on where you choose to eat. However, we must say that eating a good run food, ie, with good flavor, is far more dependent, the cook or the cook, that the price you pay for that run food.

Today, it is time to make textual justice to at least three places where a server has had the pleasure of eating countless times for a few pesos. It is in these spaces, in this case the inns or economic kitchens, one in its path in the CDMX, which arises the true capital spirit, space permanent dispute, where every day millions of people go from here to there in search of life at work, school and more.

First time: You come and watch to find a place to sit.

You can barely notice you avoid the rush, that eternal enemy of accuracy. No matter you just walk at a fast pace, ask permission, there are people who attend, one that does not. Anyway, you pass between them and them with one destination in mind, the food market run the Taxqueña terminal, a humble place where a meal costs 35 pesos, including water without dessert. A very cheap food with great flavor. You have arrived, you look to find a place to sit, is a rather small place, with no more than 10 places, as a market, the local, called food “Lola” gives two aisles at a time and each view has 5 seats that are occupied at this time. Full house. Ravenously hungry has violated you patience and a headache while it began to manifest to conquer all and get to the limit so you do not know whether to wait for a place is vacated or must vacate you with the use of force. Fortunately, a very nice gentleman says “young, sit here I’m done” sympathized sure your face contorted by product headache hunger and bustle of the city or has simply been a kind person all his life. Who knows. The point is that already in the saddle, the lady who attends says “soup or bouillon” and you say sopan and tortillas, she says nodded, while still making tortillas in comal, handmade tortillas, is there more pleasure than this?

Second time: How will want your rice?

Thousands and thousands know the Garibaldi square, there good traditional music plays, one can find from a group of mariachi to one of revelers, music is what gives identity to this place. Good music and its bars, like Tenampa. But also its food market, widely known for serving rich barbecue every day of the year. Every day they come to this market countless people. I have gone many times before to eat there, but I also crossed by the single market hall to go to the square to Garibaldi Metro just one of those wanderings discovered a small local run food served by an elderly lady called Mary for their guests. One day I was coming any way to the subway, very hungry but just was not enough to buy a plate of barbecue, had only 50 pesos, it was then I decided to turn when a person Mary more tortillas, please said aloud! And good despite the place, small in itself, I was almost full, put me in a chair that gives right to the bar where Mrs. Mary and her helpers serve. There facing a kind of culinary paradise I saw there was chicken, pork, broccoli cakes, sauces of many colors and glasses with green chiles that once in a while were taken by diners to take them to his mouth. All good, I ordered chicken soup and when he was asked for rice and finish Mary told me How will want their rice, young man? And I said, with beans, although I could have asked for a fried egg or scrambled one with tomato, chile, yet. The rule when food is rice can be combined with everything. All.

Third time: what casseroles have?

Ah nothing like eating well rich and cheap, nothing like it. Who sometimes live in a day of time, money and hunger always go to gradecer there are areas such as the food market Pino Suarez subway, close to the center of the CDMX, where one eats, for 25 pesos, a bowl of soup or soup, stew over rice and flavored water. Amazing. That all comes together: police, buskers, vendors, visitors center, and one that again, the occasional foreigner. After the first and second input is the main attraction, ie, the stew can be meat with chili, chicken, vegetables, enchiladas, and so on. There are at least 5 or 6 different casseroles to choose no matter whether you eat meat or not, there for all tastes. “Wipe, young, wipe, over here look here’s the good,” he tells me in a room and another “is already served, young, sit that is going to cool” This is the folklore of economic kitchens or boardinghouses, as you want to call them, they have a popular air we breathe and eat whenever you visit them. And we must always visit them.



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