Mexican Meal with Beef, Salads, and Tortillas

Mexican Meal with Beef, Salads, and Tortillas

Mexican Meal with Beef, Salads, and Tortillas

In Mexican cuisine, every meal is intended to be filled with vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Food intake should include all the necessary ingredients in order to meet the daily requirements. A balanced menu might include a smoothie, bean soup, salsas, salads, and beef and tortillas. The smoothie gives you the fabulous taste of the seasonal fruits and vegetables. The bean soup is a great source of iron. The sauces, built from a red bell pepper and tomato sauce or a green chile with green tomatoes sauce, can be accompanied with tortilla chips.

Salads consisting of rich, green vegetables and fruits of your choice can accompany a juicy beef filet. This provides the vitamins and proteins necessary for both children and adults. The body requires 80% water and 20% substance in order to be healthy.

The more your intake of raw greens and vegetables, the more it gives you the natural feel of being young. Tortillas bring the intake of necessary grains like corn, wheat, and rice. The intake of whole grains provides rich proteins, which are useful for the bones and also strengthen the nails. If the bones are not strong, the nervous system becomes stiff and rigid, leading to various aches like back, knee, and joint pains, even in children.

The improper intake of protein, minerals and vitamins required for children can lead to potential health hazards. A meal is not complete without seafood such as shrimp or fish. Shrimp can be added in a number of salads or as the main ingredient of a main course. Fish is a favorite food for an afternoon lunch. Many prefer to have different recipes of fish with a spicy touch. Moreover, Mexican cuisine includes organic foods as the main ingredient with added cheese, butter and wine to make the dinner a complete meal. Most importantly, meals are traditionally taken with family members.



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