Interview: Paulina Vega


Since being crowned last January, Miss Universe Paulina Vega has overjoyed her country after becoming only the second woman to hold the title from Colombia in over 50 years. Throughout her new job, Paulina’s duties will be to travel the globe as agoodwill ambassador for various causes, specifically HIV/AIDS prevention, education and awareness. Paulina has already begun to break the stigma and raise awareness at a local, national and international level with a focus on the Latin community.

She most recently has worked with theOffice of Women’s Health to support and recognize National Women and Girls’ HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, now in it’s 10th observance year. Vega was recently awarded a proclamation from the NY State Senate in honor of Women’s History Month and upon her designation as Miss Universe. During her reign, Vega will work closely with Aid for AIDS, Best Buddies, God’s Love We Deliver, and amfAR, among others. Vega has also been named as “La Madrina” by the Latino Commission on Aids for the 2015 Cielo Latina Gala. Recently, she received the honor of being the face of Falabella, a multinational chain of department stores. Miss Universe Paulina Vega was just named as People Español’s most beautiful Latinas.

This past year you have dedicated to raising HIV/AIDS awareness. What type of response have you had?
Since being crowned Miss Universe, I have become very passionate about raising awareness about this disease. Over 200,000 Latinos in the US and Puerto Rico have been diagnosed with HIV and AIDS. I really hope to make an impact on the Latin community not only in this country, but across the world – I want to educate others on simple ways to prevent HIV and AIDS while I am Miss Universe. [sociallocker id=”5762″]

Interview Paulina Vega
Interview Paulina Vega

And what is your next step in this mission?
I was recently named the Madrina of the Latino Commission on AIDS so I have been working closely with them so far. This is an organization based in the United States but with my title, I hope that their message can be brought even farther to other Latin countries and Colombia.

Being Miss Universe places you in a rare position where you are seen and respected by people around the world. If you were granted another year in your position, what would be the second cause you would take up? 

Education is very important to me so I would also really like to focus on the importance of it for women and children around the world.

Is this cause based on any situation in your life?
Yes, I was a full time student before winning Miss Universe. My education has opened so many doors for me and I think all people should be given the opportunity to learn and pursue any type of profession that they are passionate about.

As Miss Universe you have had a chance to travel the world. In your travels, have you discovered any new foods that you have liked or disliked?
I recently traveled to Italy which I was so excited about – I love Italian food

Your home country of Colombia and the rest of Latin America are rapidly changing. What do you for see as the future role for your country and Latin America in the world?
Colombia has so much to offer in terms of business and tourism. Its landscape is very diverse offering an array of activities for visitors.

What are your plans when your reign ends as Miss Universe?
I am going to finish my education and get my college degree. I want to be the CEO of my own company one day.

As Miss Universe have you every stopped and wondered about the universe beyond our planet? 

Of course! The unknown fascinates me.

What do you consider to be the most important thing in our universe?
The sun! After all, without it there would be no life without it. I care a lot about our planet and believe in taking simple steps to protect and preserve it. [/sociallocker]



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