Interview: Nia Sanchez

Interview: Nia Sanchez

You have lived through some difficult times in your life including a period living in a shelter when you were a child. How do you think that experience shaped your childhood and adult life?

My life experiences have madewho I am today. I’ve learned so much and grown to be a strong independent woman that has a positive outlook on life.

Did that experience leave you with any sense of anger or resentment?
No, I’ve always had the mentality that I can shape and determine my future. When I was growing up, my mom would tell me that it’s possible to be molded by my surroundings, or I can choose to change my life for the better. I’ve always chosen positivity and growth.

I hope not to pry too deeply in this topic, but how does one overcome the unfairness that life can bring?
I think that overcoming unfairness has to do with how you overcome challenges mentally. You can let it get you down, or choose to see those challenges as stepping-stones to move you forward in life. [sociallocker id=”5762″]

Interview Nia Sanchez
Interview Nia Sanchez

Do you believe it possible that someone could go through so many tragedies that they become unable to love or to be loved?
No, never! We were created to love and to be loved. I actually have that as a quote on my “about me” section of my Instagram. I am a person of faith, and I believe every person was created perfect in the image of God. There is love and forgiveness in the world, I feel like at any time in our lives, we can choose to start over and create the life we want!

Changing topics, your paternal grandfather is Mexican. How has México, Mexican culture, Mexican-American culture shaped your life?
I started really learning about my family and culture in my early teen years when I started going to our huge family gatherings! I feel lucky to have that Mexican American culture and am very proud of it!

Do you like Mexican food?
No, I do not like Mexican food…. I love it!!

Have you ever attempted to cook some of México’s more exotic dishes?
I’m not quite sure what would exactly qualify as an “exotic Mexican dish” but I love to make Enchiladas

Sounds delicious, I wanted ask about your year as Miss USA. How has it been?
My year as Miss USA has been so much fun! I feel very blessed to have my title, and I’ve tried to live fully in every moment. Being Miss USA is a full time job that has provided me with many opportunities for my future. I am now ready to transition into my next job, but I’ve loved this past year.

What are your plans afterwards?
I have a few things planned after Miss USA, first and most exciting, I’m getting married! As far as work, I hope to be working in the entertainment industry as a television host. I am also working on a blog that I hope to have up with in the next two months!

Okay, my last question is about “haters.” It seems anyone who even attempts to achieve something attracts negativity from others. Do you have a theory as to why this is?
Unfortunately, I feel like this is common in our world. People see someone succeeding and try to tear him or her down. My best advice to someone that has “haters,” is to surround yourself with positive friends who are also motivated. You and your friends will lift each other up and empower each other to do bigger and better things!

It has been a pleasure speaking with you. [/sociallocker]



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